Sunday, June 29, 2014

Woman, Drowner Of Child, Is Insane

Detroit Free Press, June 28, 1914
When a mother kills her children it's rarely looked upon by society as anything but an act of insanity or pure evil. Clara Dostel was given the benefit of the doubt for drowning one child, 3-year-old William, in the Detroit River and nearly accomplishing the same with another, 2-year-old Freddie, due to the fact that she also attempted to drown herself along with the tykes.

Fortunately, Freddie survived the ordeal, having been saved by rescuers, and was taken in by Dostel's brother, a Mr. Emde, who promised to raise the boy as his own. The charity of Detroit's residents was also on display as flocks of concerned citizens visited the boy at St. Mary's hospital and one kind fellow, Frank J. Blake, took Freddie on a two hour automobile ride.

Detroit Free Press, June 27, 1914
Detroit Free Press, June 27, 1914(enlarge)

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