Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"I Must Sacrifice You, My Darling"

Detroit Free Press, June 4, 1900
Albert Bernas was ill in both body and bad religion. His illness culminated with lunatic rantings and a decision to sacrifice his young daughter. After softly beating her in the head with a crucifix he forced her to the ground and made the girl kiss the cross while he prayed over her. With the scripture exhausted he set to choking the life out of the child. Fortunately for both a patrolman was near the scene and intervened in a mighty struggle to save the girl. Albert's raving continued in a jail cell where he proceded to bash his head into a bloody mash against the constricting bars. A straightjacket and a trip to the asylum remedied that.

 Lorenz Sczehowicz was equally addled but I've been able to verify if he ever made it to Eloise. Seeing as he was denied admittance by all local institutions at the time of the article's printing he probably did end up there after all.

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