Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Slit & Bit the Dust Over a Dirty Spittoon

Detroit Free Press, March 14, 1901
I've had a long dry spell with finding new Eloise material but a simple and obvious keyword change to "Wayne County Asylum" seems to have turned the tide for the time being.

Here, we have a short argument between two charges of the house, William Harris (aka Brock or Charles Williams) and MacMahon, concerning the cleaning of spittoons, ending in the death of Harris. Apparently Harris, who had cleaning duties in the 10th ward, took umbrage with something MacMahon said and stuck him with a jack knife in the back left shoulder and just above the heart.

The wounds proved fatal but not until after MacMahon had informed one of the house keepers of the perpetrator's actions. Three other charges, Frank Wineberger, Thomas Nester and William Heely witnessed the incident and verified its facts of the matter.

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