Monday, June 16, 2014

The Spiritualists Tried to Turn Her Into a Medium, Judge Durfee Made Her an Eloise Charge

The Detroit Free Press, March 31, 1898
I wasn't aware that Spiritualists could be both Bible thumpers as well as agents of the paranormal but apparently they were and did quite a number on Harriet W. Wheaton. She was selected by the National Association of Bible Spiritualists to become a medium and sent to learn the craft with a local practitioner. Her family, alarmed by the change in the woman, sought to have her committed to Wayne and she subsequently was on February 19, 1898.

Charles Potter, head of the Bible Spiritualists, fought to have her released on several grounds through different courts but was unsuccessful. At an April 2nd hearing Dr. Bennett, Supt. of the Asylum, cautioned against an early release telling the court that Mrs. Wheaton had made significant progress and was on her way to sanity.

I have yet to track down the endgame in the matter but will update when I have done so.

Detroit Free Press, April 3, 1898

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