Monday, October 12, 2015

A Famous Actor & A Misbehaving Doctor

 this information was provided to me by an anonymous source

George Peppard at Eloise?

In an acting role, of course. Peppard, as anybody who has seen the original A-Team television series knows, played the character Hannibal.

He was a Dearborn native and studied acting in high school before venturing off to join the Marines and eventually making his way to Hollywood.

As a member of the Dearborn Players Guild in the 1940s (he had a role in Best Foot Forward in 1946) he likely performed at the Eloise auditorium which served as the troupe's makeshift home between 1940-1949.

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Deidre's relative, on the other hand, had some infamy bestowed upon himself while managing the lunatics of the asylum.

Dr. Charles MacLean had residencies at Eloise and Herman Keifer hospital in Detroit, as well as offices in Royal Oak, Owasso (1970s) and Dearborn (in the late 1950s and early 60s). He lost his medical license after a Michigan State Police investigation but his improprieties may have stretched back to his stint at the asylum. It was rumored that he, along with other staff at Eloise, was involved with patients on a physical and sexual level during his stint there.

Per Deidre:
Charles was born in Michigan, educated at Wayne State, but went to medical school in Scotland after WWII and worked for a few years in northern Ireland before moving onto Pennsylvania, Michigan and finally Windsor, Canada (he did  TB work with Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire for Essex County).

He had a habit of dating patients in his private practice. I spoke to a Dr. who worked with him toward the end of his career and he use to steal toilet paper and other items from Herman Keifer.

While at Eloise, a nurse thought he was a patient and had him locked up for a while until his boss came to identify him.
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