Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hospital's Fire Truck Goes Out on Its Own

The Milwaukee Journal, February 28, 1942
There are hundreds of stories that I've yet to create a post for because there is so little information outside of the usual singular news clipping that I'm merely resorting to rehashing the story in my own words. This is another such article.

Back in 1942 in a penny-pinching move the Wayne County Board of Auditors cancelled the insurance of Eloise's fire truck because "the only chance the truck had of colliding with anything was with some other hospital owned vehicle and that wasn't very often."

Which is both a humorous and rueful statement considering the importance of the truck to the safety of thousands at the institution. But I guess if the "1920" (it was probably the 1919 truck that is shown below and is the property of the Westland Historical Society) truck was only worth $40 and the insurance was $50 annually then it was a practical move.

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