Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To Girlie From Bernice in the Laundry Department, June 10, 1913

Actually, the recipient of this postcard from Eloise appears to have been Miss Ida Pierce of Shelbyville, Michigan, though the Ida part isn't a certainty. Not that it matters but for anybody seeking a Talladay at R. D. #1, a Pierce or a Bernice from Shelbyville, Michigan in 1913 this is a lead.

Bernice, she of no surname, apparently worked in the laundry department. The tone of her greeting "Dear Girlie (it sort of looks like Gertie but none of her lowercase t's loop while her l's do.)", the prefix "Miss" in Pierce's name and the fact that the mail was in care of a person with a different surname suggests that they were young women and the recipient was a tenant of sorts.

Regardless, Bernice seemed to be enjoying her time at Eloise. Here's the front of the "Quick cure for the blues" card which seems unrelated to Eloise:

Obviously, Bernice had loving on her mind. Here's the reverse edited with a little less tanning:

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