Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Hit & Run (With a Bout of Temporary Insanity & Inceration Tossed Into the Mix)

The Detroit Free Press, March 25, 1906
You can call him Erousealiouchik or Jerozolinczyk or just plain Moses because whatever this guy's name was it's easily the most mispronounced in the history of Eloise, and with good reason. What's without merit is how a guy who smashed a brick over a woman's head, almost causing her death, is allowed to walk away from the asylum with nary a notice. Such were the lax conditions at Eloise.

Even Mrs. S(c)huster's name changed in the six months between the incident of her flogging and Moses's escape. Which can mostly be blamed on the Free Press's utter incompetence in most things fact-based. They were notorious for printing errors (the date of the attack differs between these articles as well) but without their archives it's a Herculean task tracking down most of this information. Plus, we get a glimpse at an Eloise patient through grainy duplication of newspaper print.

Anyway, I haven't been able to track Moses after his escape to Cincinnati but that's a good thing because it gives me something to shoot for.

The Detroit Free Press, October 14, 1905

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