Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bostwick's Curse Was McMullen's Downfall

The Detroit Free Press, December 7, 1920

Never let the doctor's orders for a bottle of benzine, wood alcohol and gasoline come between you and your thirst. Else you might sing yourself into the slammer on attempted murder charges.

Charles McMullen, it seems, was causing quite a ruckus while under the influence of his potent elixir in the smoking lounge when Almon Bostwick, a one-armed overseer, took umbrage with his antics. In response, Charles proceeded to stab Bostwick six times in the gut. He then moved in for the kill when another one-armed inmate, John Prus, dealt McMullen a blow to the head with his cane.

Order was restored, McMullen was arrested, put on trial and sentenced to 2-5 years in Jackson Prison. Bostwick apparently recovered.

The Detroit Free Press, February 22, 1921

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