Friday, January 1, 2016

Living Large at the Asylum

Saline Observer, October 30, 1930
Without any sort of backstory it's hard to tell if Joe Carnowski was an adjudged insane person or a criminal from a well-to-do family but it's safe to say that he wasn't residing in the poor house.

After committing some form of larceny he was ordered to pay $35 or spend 60 days at DeHoCo. His plead of poverty fell on deaf ears with Judge E. H. Davidson and Joe produced a wad of money from his pocket and easily paid the fine.

It seems odd that the judge didn't question a known thief and inmate of an asylum on where he got a roll of bills. Especially since $35 in 1930 terms was close to $500 and the fact that Carnowski likely had thousands on his person should have been alarming.


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Just an FYI... alot of your older articles that were linked to tinypic are no longer viewable. I couldnt find a link on your site to contact you directly.

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