Thursday, April 7, 2016

From 'Nam to Eloise

The Northville Record, October 3, 1968
Name-dropping is a comfortable disease. I do it here frequently with impunity under the banner of "research." It's probably unethical to exploit the mentally ill with an openly public forum concerning a private health issue but here we are.

The first thing I thought when reading this was "It's 1968 and a guy is wandering a quaint city's streets acting peculiarly. He was probably just on acid despite his incarceration at Eloise."

A simple Google search likely disproves this notion and explains others that I might have had:

The name, dates and circumstances derived from scant information on his Find-A-Grave memorial suggests a whole other scenario. Lawrence Karsikas survived Vietnam but not the supposedly safe confines of Eloise. Considering those circumstances I probably should speculate no further.

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