Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bridegroom Soaked in Flaming Fuel

Detroit Times, September 29, 1946
My latest ephemeral obsession is to seek out and purchase hard copy editions of the Detroit Times. I've only managed to find a handful of partials but within those few pages was this article.

Mark Toritt, 21, of Northville and his new bride, Yvonne Simons, 16, were less than 24 hours into their honeymoon when they were struck by a car driven by Harry Becker, 42, of Detroit, who failed to heed a flashing light at Farmington and Schoolcraft roads. 

Toritt was covered in burning gasoline but managed to crawl 20 yards to a ditch filled with water while waiting for an ambulance. However, the dispatched vehicle broke down en route and it was 45 minutes before another rescue squad arrived. 

Witnesses at the scene were unable to assist the man because of his severely burned flesh that peeled off on touch. He was taken to Wayne County General Hospital with his hysterical bride and mother in tow.

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