Friday, May 6, 2016

Closed for Szczechowicz Day

The Detroit Free Press, September 26, 1906
With the maligning that Columbus has received in the past decade or so it might be prudent to assign that innocuous October day to an insane Pole. Let's face it, almost every person who was alive a hundred or more years ago said and did things that modern fools will never relate to. It doesn't change the fact that Columbus was the person who "found America" preceding it's official settling. Yes, we all know that others visited, settled and lived here beforehand but they weren't the financiers and history book writers so they lose. Obviously, they had higher concerns than the who what when where why.

Luckily, you and I don't. Lawrence Szczechowicz shot John Dirsius (an earlier incidental article called him Dearish) for walking on his lawn in June of 1906. While Szczechowicz claimed that he actually shot Dirsuis for crossing a vacant lot that he owned, the circumstances didn't change the outcome. However, Szczechowicz's reputation and his claiming to be Columbus did. Back to Eloise with him.

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