Wednesday, June 8, 2016

N-Building Hospital Gowns

I knew that I would never get the advertised 2 boxes of Eloise Hospital gowns at a Livonia estate sale this morning but luckily the staff found a few stragglers and one customer Janelle (I think that was her name; she said she was part of a group called "Monsters and [something else that I forget]"; hopefully she checks here since I mentioned this blog and sets me straight on her enterprise) was kind enough to allow me to take pictures of one set that she purchased and posed with.

Since I'm wholly clueless concerning the buildings and general history I'll quote the Friends of Eloise from a recent Facebook post:

N-Bldg or Kelley Hall was the largest building on the hospital grounds. In 1933 there were 7,441 people registered in the building. Some were infirm and were what are housed in today's nursing homes. The largest number were transient or homeless people who were called POGIES or Poor Old Guys in Eloise and many had jobs around the complex.

Depending on the age of the garments these might have been worn by the infamous POGIES. I'll defer to somebody who actually worked there and post the photos on the FOE Facebook page.

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