Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Eloise & Nogales, Arizona Connection

Detroit Jewish News, January 27, 1995
Add another name of dignitaries to the list of ignominious endings at the County House: Jacob Isaacson. The stories above are from a larger series featured in the DJN called Voices from the Earth: Ten true stories of mobsters, mystery, murder and men of valor which derived its subjects from the deceased at Machpelah Cemetery in Ferndale. On to Isaacson.

Nogales, Arizona has never been a big town but when Jacob Isaacson, a Russian emigre, and his brother Isaac set up a trading post there in 1880 it was uncharted land. Issacson Post Office was commissioned soon thereafter but the name was changed to Nogales in 1883. A year later Jacob left for Mexico.

After an unhappy marriage in 1902 Isaacson moved to Detroit to live with his sister Birdie. He spent many of his last years in mental institutions and died in Eloise in 1928

Isaacson's death certificate shows that he was an optician:

and also that he was separated from his wife. Which may have been the aforementioned Jennie Pierce.

His Find-A-Grave memorial is located here.

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