Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Descendants of Hiram Walker Descend Into Madness and Self-Murder

Long Island Sunday Press, March 24, 1935
Whether or not Henry J. Herbert was a successful inventor didn't figure into Fate's plans as it kept dealing him serious life blows. Born a descendant of the Hiram Walker family of distillers in Canada his life seemed to be going fine until the 1920s when his wife committed suicide.

His daughter Marion Walker Herbert followed in her mother's spiral of self-immolation by attempting suicide by jumping into the Detroit River upon being released from Henry Ford Hospital after a nervous breakdown. Eight years later she completed the task by stabbing herself in the throat with a butcher knife at a rest home in Newton, Massachusetts.

Somewhere along the line Henry Herbert went insane and was sent to Eloise. While I haven't been able to find out his final fate his earlier years included inventions for automobile wheels and mirror/brush fobs. The fob shown below is a patent from 1908 submitted by Herbert for an alligator skin replica mirror or brush back.

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