Monday, July 18, 2016

Negroes, Nords & Henry Harrell

The Pittsburgh Courier, September 4, 1937 (enlarge)
While the main concern of the article posted above is of the discrepancies in reporting of crimes involving "negroes", as opposed to Nordics (insert laughter), mine is centralized in Henry Harrell, supposed maniac escapee from Eloise.

It seems that Henry Harrell, apparently a black man, attacked a white widow doing maid services in a house in Detroit in September of 1937 after escaping from Eloise a few weeks earlier, smashing her with a blunt instrument which caused a slight skull depression.

Despite the woman only catching a glimpse of the purported attacker police clearly identified Harrell as the culprit and that they would likely pin a dozen or more further attacks on him. This article contends that the Hearst publication (presumably The Detroit Times) was complicit in the racism

As you can see, not much has changed with race relations in America and the media still sensationalizes the matter for their own benefit despite the deleterious effects. Which is ironic because if they would objectively report on the graft and criminality within our federal government then many of these social issues would likely dissipate. But we all know that the government controls the media through their elitist benefactors and truth and reason are all but dead in mainstream America.

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