Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Haunted House at Eloise?

Detroit Free Press, September 26, 1985
While any ghosts of the old fire house at Eloise went up with the arson fire several months ago old ones arise with these two short articles. Many proposals, efforts and actions were taken to utilize the complex but ultimately they all died with the rapid decline of and subsequent abandonment of Detroit.

Don Anderson of Castle Builders was one such planner. He proposed to have a haunted house in Building No. 30, otherwise known as the fire station. The agreement would have given the county 33% of the revenue at no less than $5,000. Wayne County officials shot down the notion stating liabilities, likely with the condition of the building.

While there was never a haunted house on the grounds the article alludes to the fact that there was once a circus held there by the deputy sheriff's association.

Detroit Free Press, October, 1985

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