Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Frozen Sleep at Eloise

Detroit Free Press, December 17, 1939
The general hospital at Eloise bedded about 130 cancer patients annually during the 1930s. With the catastrophic rates of survival time after diagnosis of cancer the medical community tried many therapies from vibration, ultrasound, hydrotherapy to heat and cold. Frozen Sleep was one such method which gave mixed results from patient to patient but ultimately didn't help slow the mortality rate. Nonetheless, it was employed at Eloise sometime in early 1940 joining select medical institutions across the country which also practiced it.

Since I know next-to-nothing about cancer or its treatments, let alone archaic methodologies, I'll defer to the article below for an overview. Dr. A. P. Rieman of North Hudson Hospital in Weehawken, New Jersey shared his experiences with the three patients that he was treating during or around 1939.

Detroit Free Press, October 30, 1939 (enlarge)

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