Monday, November 21, 2016

Mrs. Hilda Vau Consant: Eloise Angel of Mercy

Detroit Free Press, November 12, 1960
Face it, there are better people than we who give freely of their money and time to causes and the disaffected among us. Mrs. Hilda Vau Consant of 18280 San Juan street, presumably of Detroit, was one such arbiter of goodwill.

This snippet from the "Religion Today" section of the Free Press in a column called "They Give, Too" showcased her charity towards Eloise patients. For more than 35 years she delivered flowers, get well cards, Bibles and prayer books to charges at the institution as a simple act of kindness. At the time of the writing she was 75 and still going strong with her mission. Below is a newspaper photo of her from 1942:

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