Sunday, November 27, 2016

Postcard From Eloise

This postcard that I found on eBay was sent from Eloise to what looks like Mrs. Wa. Hogan of 4692 Millie Road in Dearborn on December 30, 1941. The problem is that the text is written in either such poor English, was written by a Pig Latinest or is in a foreign language that is made more illegible because the cursive is hard to decipher as well. Anyway, I can't read it. It might be of the utmost importance but until somebody translates it we'll never know.

One ironic thing is that a Free Press search revealed this article concerning the husband of the postcard's recipient Walter S. Hogan. Apparently he was a member of the Dearborn Township Board of Education during the 1940s--perhaps even at the time of the postcard transfer--and lost his re-election bid due to mail fraud in which another Dearborn resident and postal carrier Howard Weaver chucked Mr. Hogan's campaign advertisement postcards because he didn't feel like carrying the extra weight. Luckily, the carrier who delivered this card to Hogan wasn't a slacker or I wouldn't be typing this missive presently.

Detroit Free Press, July 15, 1949

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