Tuesday, November 22, 2016

They Don't Call Her ELOISE Anymore

Detroit Free Press, June 19, 1949 (enlarge)
Resembling a scene out of a B horror movie or the cover of a vintage pulp novel this is aesthetically the best article that I've come across in the five years that I've been scouring the internet for blog material.

The written material is a bit more sobering. No lunatics howling at the moon. No POGIES plugging away at lawn work. No forlorn heiresses meting out their feckless life-ends. This is all about the medical advancements of the Wayne County General Hospital, statistics measuring the magnanimity of the facility and a futile attempt at distancing itself from the Eloise namesake. This post is further refutation of such a crude notion as forgetting Eloise.

While there are a few doctor's names bandied about the patient is king on this page. Roscoe Hensley of Plymouth had his left arm crushed in a car accident but the work of surgeons at Eloise reversed some nerve damage as well as saving the arm itself.

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