Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tobacco In Abundance At Eloise; Scarce Elswhere

Detroit Free Press, August 27, 1944
The summer of 1944 brought a shortage of many things to war-time America, tobacco included. The average Detroit smoke shop was bereft of their staple fare but Eloise had no such no problem due to its self-sustaining farming of the prized crop.

According to this article the practice began in 1938 with a recurring $2 investment in seed that annually produced 12,000 pounds of tobacco. With an abundance of patients to produce and consume the product it was likely a break-even enterprise but surely much cheaper than simply purchasing it from a third-party source.

Father and son team Charlie and William Hudson oversaw the tobacco production along with the entire farming operation. The idea of producing tobacco was the brainchild of both William and Superintendent Thomas Gruber.

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