Monday, December 19, 2016

The Colorization of Eloise: The Sewing Room, Female Side, 1953

A serious perusal of this blog would have lead you to the photo above just in another form:

The old black and white standard bearer for the era. That being the early 1950s. August 23, 1953 to be exact. Or so says the obverse of this Detroit News press photograph. The rest of the information suggests that this is of the E building where 100 patients were working at all times. Which seems misstated though during daytime that number would be realistic. Among the items being produced were sheets, pillow cases, towels and drapes.

Back to the colorization. Seeing as I'm red-green colorblind I'm probably the wrong person to be undertaking the project but since nobody else has that fact will have to slide. Plus it's a computer generated program so my input is cursory. The program scans thousands of black and white prints and then uses an algorithm to select the most likely color patterns based on the hues. Interesting stuff to say the least.

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