Monday, January 9, 2017

The Scottish Cripple, Grandma, Her Gumdrop Shamrock, The Feminist, J. R. and the Charitable Young Women of Detroit

Detroit Free Press, March 17, 1929
I don't know who Helen C. Bower was but she obviously wrote a feminist column for the Free Press. In her March 17, 1929 writing she mentions an elderly Scottish friend at the institution that she gifted a pot with a gumdrop shamrock inside of it. That woman passed it along to a feeble-minded Irish lady who loved the thing so much that she called it her baby. A housekeeper accidentally knocked it off the woman's bedside table and Grandma was inconsolable and howled like a baby until a suitable replacement was secured.

The Scottish woman was a bit more stoic. She had intolerable pain in her legs from arthritis and needed a frame upon her knees and legs to avoid contact with the bed lest she aggravate the malady further. Despite her ailment the woman remained cheerful, mentally active and ever-graceful.

But human she was and sometimes slipped into morose thoughts of her own mortality, planning out her funeral from the death gown to the notice in the paper. Such is the human spirit to fall into bouts of depression.

Luckily, the kindness of charitable persons, especially some young women benefactors of the old Scottish lady, who not only cared for her financially before she arrived at Eloise but also during her time there, faithfully visiting once a week despite their busy lives, eased her suffering and gave the woman a better quality of life.

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