Monday, January 2, 2017

The Colorization of Eloise, Electroshock Therapy, 1952

It looks like Billy Baldwin is performing a tracheotomy on a technicolor movie set in this photo but in reality it's the Eloise staff doing the kind work of psychiatry. Nyet! The doctor is actually is putting a depressor in between the patient's teeth so he doesn't bite off his tongue during the ensuing convulsions which lasted "only an instant" with electroshock therapy. Still, as an extra measure the nurse holds his head.

The patient was said to have no memory of the "therapy" and that it worked best in conjunction with R. T. and O. T., whatever they are. Wrong! One notable story concerning a patient's horror story with the process that led to murder at the hands of her incestuous brother showed its deleterious psychological effects.

Although the photograph shows a publication date of August 23, 1953 a notation states that it is from the previous year.

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