Sunday, January 8, 2017

This Carnival Was Different...It Was For 2,000 Mental Patients

Detroit Free Press, August 10, 1962 (enlarge)
Did you know that Eloise had an annual carnival from the 1950s to at least 1962? You do now. Via the guiding hand of Mrs. Christine Douglas the mental patients at Wayne County General Hospital enjoyed games of Pitch-a-Penny, Pluck-a-Duck and Down-a-Clown along with some raucous accordion music and dancing by the Hejnal Band at the Ninth Annual Carnival. There were even fortune-telling booths where everybody who entered received good news about their future.

The patients devoured 75 pounds of popcorn and 3,500 cups of Coca Cola while winning prizes such as sun glasses, records, ball point pens, cosmetics, perfume, stationary and wallets all donated by local businesses.

The event was both therapy and fun for the patients who Supt. Dr. Samuel D. Jacobson said weren't different than the average citizen in their want for normal things despite their afflictions.

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