Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Child is Drowned in Bath at Eloise

Detroit Free Press, January 8, 1933
It's fairly difficult to believe that a semi-attended to 10-year-old child could drown in a bathtub even when afflicted with epilepsy. You'd think that there would be some involuntary thrashing about and enough splashing to draw attention to the matter but having known a few epileptics that's not necessarily the case. Or maybe I'm just ignorant on the matter despite having experiences with different sides of the ailment. One person I know had silent seizures where they would simply go still for an inexplicable period of time and then return to functionality. The other case was severe and he would violently convulse on the floor. His seizures were so debilitating that he eventually took his own life.

Either way, Harmonia Kiossain went the way of so many who died tragically at the institution. She had spent the previous year in Eloise save for a two week holiday at her home at 4060 Toledo Avenue for Christmas. Since the date is January 8, 1933 that would have meant just previous to her sudden demise.

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