Monday, February 20, 2017

Milton Erickson Fishing Out the Symptoms of Daddy Issues Via Automatic Writing

Detroit Free Press, January 18, 1942 (enlarge)
The career of Dr. Milton Erickson and his work in the field of hypnotism has been expounded on here previously. This article delves further into hypnotism and the act of automatic writing. Which is unconscious doodling while under a trance.

The main example in this story was of a college girl who was struggling with depression. She sought out Erickson's help and he led her to the discovery that her best friend was having an affair with her father. Subconsciously she knew this, claimed Erickson, but hadn't put the pieces together. More realistically though I think that she knew it fully but had nobody to confide in since the triangle involved three of her closest loved ones. Mix in a little Freud and you have the synopsis. Though the incidental stories included here are interesting just the same. Ditto with the farcical drawings. 


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