Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Mural(s) at Eloise

Detroit Free Press, April 5, 1936 (enlarge)
Who knew there were murals in the basement at Eloise? Well, as a form of therapy Hal Mustonen, hospital staff artist under the direction of Dr. Martin Hoffman, lead a team of patients in creating the mural above for the new recreation hall.

While Mustonen drew the outline in chalk the male patients coached by occupational therapist Thomas Hildebrand followed behind with paint. Women patients under the guidance of Myrtle Martin made drapes for the room windows and covers for benches.

The mural shown above appears to show work on the farm with a water tower prominent in the upper left hand corner. Known Detroit muralist Paul Honore, whose own works dotted the Detroit landscape, praised the efforts put forth. Future projects were also plotted out but I've yet to find any information on them.

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