Thursday, March 2, 2017

Accused Murderer & Former Eloise Patient Acquitted

Detroit Free Press, September 17, 1938
When J. Edgar Hoover phones your loony bin you know that it's serious business. Dead serious. As in murder.

Otto Himmel went to Eloise for surgery on September 8, 1938 and for whatever reason his fingerprints were sent to the FBI in Washington, D. C. Apparently, there was some sort of mechanism in place to catch fugitives and it probably targeted indigents and the insane who likely signed away their rights upon entry. Regardless of the how and why the wheels of justice moved quickly against Himmel as police from Indiana accused and charged him in the murder of Angeline Murphy at her farm where he was previously employed. He had been on the lam for four years. Of course my entire research may be tainted by misinformation as the Syracuse Journal identified the victim as "Sarah Murphy".

Either way, Himmel was acquitted as this preview page shows:

Subsequent searches for "Sarah Murphy" provided more blurry previews which were sufficient enough to prove that the Detroit Free Press was semi-fake news long before the term became vogue.

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