Sunday, March 26, 2017

From a Million to 25 MPH in Under a Quarter Mile

Detroit Free Press, November 20, 1939
An antique mall clerk in the Detroit area once told me that he and his buddies would drive by the old asylum on Sundays when the patients were allowed to frolic on the front lawn and look up the women's dresses. It wasn't quite the answer that I was seeking to whether or not they had some Eloise artifacts but it was memorable enough to include in this post about driving past the complex. If you were wondering what the speed limit was back in 1939 it was NO LIMIT. Which likely led to many of the pedestrian-car accidents that occurred along Michigan Avenue in front of the county house. But a speed limit of 25 in front of Eloise and 35 to the approaching east and west did little to prevent the inevitable collisions.

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