Friday, March 3, 2017

Women's Insane Asylum Plans, Sanitarium Addition & Other Construction Updates From 1915

Detroit Free Press, June 20, 1915 (enlarge)
I have a few mental quirks and the main one concerning Eloise is that I have little interest in the buildings themselves. As such, I don't know one individual building from another. In keeping with that tradition of ignorance I present you the drawing of the Women's Insane Asylum. A three story structure designed by Baxter, O'Dell & Halpin and built by the A. J. Smith Construction company in 1915. The frontage was 200 feet by 100 feet deep. A worthy hospital space that accompanied the ice house and boiler house that Baxter, O'Dell and Halpin had previously designed.

Sanitarium and employee housing building were also under construction. The sanitarium added 170 feet to its length and 30 feet to the width, space enough for an additional 32 patients. The employee and attendant housing project was a three-story, 40X60" brick veneer structure.

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