Sunday, March 5, 2017

Writs Against the Wit of Illegal Commitment

Detroit Free Press, July 19, 1945
The surefire remedy for illegalities of law are taking out writs against judges and public officials. Such was the case of Rose Sherman who spent 6 years in Eloise under an invalid commitment. Her attorney, Roy G. Lord, brought forth the petitions before Judge Lila A. Neunfelt claiming that Sherman's evaluation was never proper adjudicated since the psychiatrists who claimed her insane never testified in court. Not to mention the fact her STEPDAUGHTER, Nellie Morofsky, signed the original petition. Needless to say, Judge Frank B. Ferguson reversed the tainted decision.

And speaking of insane people: beneath the article announcing Rose Sherman's release from Eloise is a short blurb about Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinisky breaking a 26 year silence due to his own insanity. Having not spoken for the entirety of that duration he broke into laughter, talking and of course, dancing at the sight of Red Army troops in Vienna, where he was apparently living. Meanwhile, their so-called comrade saviors reveling in the fall of evil Hitler and Germany were busy raping Auschwitz survivors. Goddamn their eyes!

Reports of nearly 1 million female holocaust survivors having been raped and twice that many German women violated by Russian troops, not to mention the wave of sexual assault on their march across Europe, was more a cause to mass insanity than the war itself but I'm jumping way off course here.

Detroit Free Press, August 8, 1945

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