Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bringing Home the Bacon at a More Affordable Price

Detroit Free Press, August 7, 1943
$17 per swine head was too much for the Wayne County Auditors so the purchasing director bought them for a couple bucks less and sent them to Eloise. Which, even in 1943, didn't amount to a whole hell of a lot, despite it being the Depression and considering that Eloise's budget was likely in the million dollar plus range. Not that you can blame the auditors for doing their job but surely Gruber had more weighty concerns than minor costs. Namely, the farmer he purchased them from likely was giving him other benefits via delivery time, other food supplies and bulk prices but we'll likely never know the details. But Auditor Ray Hafeli summed up the matter in political terms that translate well in text but often are far less prefect in the practical sense.

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