Monday, April 10, 2017

Mixmaster John Gets Found at Eloise

Detroit Free Press, July 30, 1915
Prompted by a Friends of Eloise Facebook post I did the remaining legwork to their question of who John Young was and how did his sister from Butte, Montana find him. Quite simply, his sister, Mrs. A. McQuilliam (why do I have the sneaking suspicion the name should be McWilliam but maybe I'm wrong), wrote the Detroit Free Press in July of 1915 looking for her brother who had moved to Detroit and was employed as a saloonkeeper at a Mr. Dasher's drinking hole. She also enclosed a photo. A day after the article above was posted Supt. Bennett from Eloise read it in the paper, contacted them and subsequently wrote Mrs. McQuilliam to report on the ailing barkeep. Remarkably, Young had only been admitted to the County House but a few weeks beforehand. Otherwise the connection might not have been made.

Detroit Free Press, July 31, 1915

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