Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Sunshine of Eloise

Detroit Free Press, October, 22, 1922 (enlarge)
This is another story that I could have sworn that I posted but as is typical with me I shelved. It is a sorrowful tale of a bed-ridden woman who at the time of the newspaper article had spent over 20 of her 50 years bed-ridden at Eloise. Not only ill but dormitory since she was struck with paralytic strokes at the young age of 20. After 10 years in her family's care she requested to be placed at Eloise.

During that time she had only left the confines of the institution one time and that was when her bed was placed on the back porch for the summer of 1922. Dr. Bennett had allowed Louise and three of her friends to keep quarters outside as a sort of vacation from the difficulties of their lives. There they got to see wildlife and nature in bloom mix in with the technological infringement of airplanes, automobiles and the interurban.

Despite her limitations and sorrow and her condition she learned to become cheerful at Eloise and to smile, philosophize, sympathize and soothe the other patients. Which is how she came to earn the title of the Sunshine of Eloise.

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