Friday, June 23, 2017

Hot Springs, Telepathic Radios & World Figures Galore

Detroit Free Press, March 21, 1938
This article is exceedingly brilliant. So much so that I left the partial goat head from an adjoining Stroh's Bock Beer advert for proper ambiance.

In the article it was shown that delusions of grandeur keep up with the time. During WWII Hitler, Stalin, FDR and even Henry Ford were mainstays for patient paranoia.

More mundane delusions included a patient who believed that his bed springs were electrically charged and activated by various different conspirators making his bed unbearably hot. Others believed that the walls were wired and delivered messages from the air. Which runs in line with the infamous belief of many psychotics that electronic devices such as radios and televisions were sending personal messages or speaking to them.

One of the sadder stories was of a man who arrived at Eloise in a stupor and stayed that way for 18 months. Then one morning when an attendant was mopping the floor he attacked the mop and then the worker. When confronted about the incident the man recalled every attendant who had worked their during his stay and their days off, vacations and other vital statistics as employees. An amazing feat of memory by an otherwise catatonic mental patient.

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