Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here's Something to Remember Me By!

Detroit Free Press, August 16, 1935
"So you're going to send me to Eloise, eh?" Slash!!! And then 80-year-old John S. Schram bounded toward the elevator having just slashed his son's face after losing a support battle. But don't feel bad for the elderly Schram because he bailed on his children in their tween years which is why he lost the case to begin with. Of course, the son could have just given the old man $300 but I'm sure that was a common recurrence which led to the legal action to begin with.

Detroit Free Press, April 23, 1933 (enlarge)
John Schram's recent past spelled out in an alimony battle from a few years before the slashing incident showcased his brazen attitude towards both marriage and support. Image may contain: 1 person No automatic alt text available.

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