Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sick Canvassed by Candidates

The Detroit Times, May 29, 1946
I have several old cardboard beer cases full of vintage Detroit newspapers but hardly have time to go through them properly while maintaining a semi-abnormal life. There are likely dozens of articles about Eloise that I'm missing because of this. Anyway, I started digging through my stinky Detroit Times pile and found this.

Just as Eloise patients weren't excluded from the draft they also were active voters. Which made the institution a field day for politicians trying to sway the absentee voters, which most obviously were. That made for 7,500+ potential votes, including employees, in 1946. Easily a number which could sway a local election. Which makes me curious as to which party the inmates preferred. Considering that it was the post-FDR era you'd have to guess Democrat party.

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