Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Blockading Mother of Taylor is Blindsided

Detroit Free Press, January 4, 1956
If you frequently read old newspapers you quickly come to realize that automobile crashes have probably injured and killed more people than various wars. With Telegraph being one of the main roads in the Detroit area during the 1950s it stands to reason that people were regularly hit and run over along the route. Apparently a group of downriver women known as the Blockading Mothers of Taylor Township protested vehemently for a traffic light at the intersection of Telegraph and Cypress, a particularly dangerous spot, going so far as to form a human chain of 200 mothers that blocked all lanes. 

Residents had petitioned for nearly a decade but the road commission rejected them repeatedly. The road commission suggested the island median which is there to this day but nixed a plan for a pedestrian walkway across the highway saying that it didn't meet the requirement for foot traffic in the area. The fact that one of their own was injured when she pulled out in front of a car and ended up at WCGH only spurred on their effort and more protests were planned. 

Anyway, I found the story interesting. If nothing else you get to see what a bed looked like at WCGH in 1956.

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