Thursday, July 6, 2017

An Attack of Pancreatitis & Guardsmen

Detroit Free Press, December 28, 1935
On the record John Douglas Jones died of a burst pancreas at Eloise in 1935. Addendums to the record show that he was in a physical confrontation with two guards, George Alvin Geno and James Hood, after his howling and fracas with another patient. When the guards intervened Jones was still combative and according to Hood he was hit in the jaw by the patient. A "scuffle" ensued

The facts in this story sound fairly specious. I was with the guards until the one stated that Jones punched Hood in the jaw, then after a short scuffle Jones promised calm and then died shortly thereafter. Which leads one to believe that further violence occurred during the scuffle and he was probably kneed or punched in the stomach, causing the rupture.

The article doesn't really clarify whether or not that he was actually suffering pancreatic issues just that it burst. I know from recent experience of my daughter having appendicitis (obviously not the same thing but similar) that she howled in pain before she was taken to the hospital so that part of the story seems legitimate. But for Jones to go quiet and die so soon afterwards sounds like he was likely fatally injured in the scuffle.

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