Saturday, July 22, 2017

From the Office of the Superintendents of the Poor for Wayne County, Michigan

While fixing broken links on the blog, that were precipitated by Blogger's storage limitations back in the day which forced users to host their photos on outside sources lest they reach maximum storage and be prevented from uploading more, I came across this and a handful or so of other documents that I once possessed. Being wise I sold them on eBay, likely to some self-aggrandizing FOE member who put them in a safe where nobody will ever see them again except for 80-year-old eyes who still believe in the sham values of FDR. Anyway, I scanned them for public perusal and probably used the money to buy my kid some Pokemon cards. Which, I believe, in 30 years will have 10x the value of this relic and others of its ilk.

The document itself is short and was a scribbled note for Superintendent E. O. Bennett concerning either the Richmond case or a Mr. Richmond Case at Harper Hospital. There was a prominent book-binder named Arouet Richmond who went insane in 1888 and likely was sent to the Pontiac Insane Asylum, so that's a possibility since it fits in the time frame offered on the document of it being written in the 1880s.

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