Thursday, July 13, 2017

Man Refuses Hood His Daughter's Hand In Marriage; He Elopes With Her & A Sister

Detroit Free Press, March 17, 1931
George Sherrill refused a John Clare Hood his baby's hand in marriage so the former mental patient eloped with both Caroline Sherrill and her older sister Mary. Hitting the road in a borrowed machine they stole away to Indianapolis and confirmed their love in the most lawful manner.

After a few weeks on the road the triumvirate were detained by police and the girls returned to Detroit. George Sherrill sought to have the marriage annulled. I haven't gone so far as to find an exact match for Hood but one census record which seems to match is that of a married father. He was a black man and that would have been quite the scandal in the 1930s. The fact that he was already married seems to preclude him though it wouldn't be the first time somebody married twice under false pretenses.

Akron Beacon Journal, March 20, 1931

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