Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Plane Crash Kills Former Eloise Doctor, Adds to the List of Tragic Events that have Befallen Staff Over its History

The Argus-Press, March 1, 1979
If you've followed this blog you know that tragedy didn't only befall the mental patients but also many prominent members of the Eloise staff and administration.

Superintendent John J. Marker was killed by a train while crossing the tracks in his car in 1921.

Asst. Supt. Duncan U. Saunders was killed when hit by an automobile while crossing Michigan Ave. near Eloise. Stanislaus Keenan was injured in the accident but survived.

Dr. C. L. R. Pearman put a hit out on himself in 1957 in an attempt to commit suicide by proxy.

Dr. Wayne W. Glas was shot to death in a road rage incident in 1965.

Dr. Ira Altshuler, a renowned music therapy advocate and psychiatrist, was caught up in both a public infidelity scandal and a disastrous 43 day marriage to a C-movie actress that included charges of mental and physical violence. He survived the scandal but would later die in a car accident.

Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad, an anesthesiologist, was murdered by an Islamic sect in 1983.

Add Dr. Roland L. Phillips to the list. The doctor, his wife and their two children were killed when their Cessna crashed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in March of 1979. He interned and did his residency at Eloise in the 1950s.

I'll update the list postscript as it will surely grow during my research.

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