Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crazy is Crazy Except When It's Homicidal

The Detroit Free Press, April 12, 1908
The fact that Henry Crouffond didn't "look or act a bit crazy" but wanted to kill his father probably suggests that he wasn't insane at all but a little hot-headed. Or maybe his father was deserving of the the dishonor. No matter, when Henry escaped Eloise and needed a drink from his favorite watering hole, his father's forethought to warn the barkeep Guz Herz paid off as the news reached its way to the police and Crouffond was shipped back to the asylum.


Kricket said...

He was indeed mentally ill - and in the end was entrusted to his aunt.. in Oberlin, OHIO... It was not his father who needed to be punished.

the said...

What's your evidence for that?