Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Music Held Cure For Neuroses

St. Petersburg Times, March 26, 1944
Although it's been over 75 years since Dr. Ira Altschuler pioneered the field of music therapy at Eloise, and displayed the positive effects it has on mental health, it is still considered an alternative form of psychiatric treatment within the Veteran's Administration.

Back in 1944 Altschuler called neuroses "the scourge of World War II" and the same could be argued about PTSD in the modern age of warfare. Of course, the good doctor had the sense to suggest that both musicians and mental health practitioners would build the "prescription after the manner of a pharmacist" to tend to each individual's specific needs. That would cost money and more time than the government bureaucrat is willing to spend on sacrificial lambs. Which only offers further proof that common sense, reason and morality are currently running retrograde a few hundred years behind technology.

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