Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tired Hubbies Can Learn From Wives

The Milwaukee Sentinel, May 1, 1956 (enlarge)
Sure they can but I think that Dr. Altshuler, the renown Eloise psychiatrist who pioneered music therapy, was still reeling from his divorce when he suggested that men should learn to rest like their housewife counterparts. Considering the fact that families were larger back then and being a mother has always been a full-time job that aspect of his hypothesis was way off. Though his contention that womanhood would suffer the same pratfalls as men when entering the workforce have proven accurate. As for the gossip and letting loose bit for men: way off! Society today is loaded with loose-lipped sociopaths thanks to that psychiatric mumbo jumbo. Of course, we are only getting the response to Altshuler's views without the actual treatise before us. More work for the archivist, I suppose.

The Pittsburgh Press, April 24, 1956

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