Wednesday, October 21, 2015

From Pipe Smoke to a Reign of Blows

Tobacco served as a means towards both labor and relaxation for the patients in the Eloise community. It was grown on site and used for both pipe smoking and cigarettes that were packaged and distributed to the inmates.

It also had its deleterious affects, apparently causing some fisticuffs among the incarcerated rabble and led to at least one fatality. Punishment for lesser incidents included the loss of tobacco rations.

Such was the case for charges Peter Karens and Nathan Hamilton who engaged in a war of words over the merits of high-priced automobiles. While Karens preferred Lincolns, Hamilton was a Pierce Arrow fan. After a short argument over the brands Hamilton solidified his points with a blow to Karens' nose from his fist.

The Ludington Daily News, April 4, 1926

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