Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nurses & Names

Eloise wasn't all madness, mayhem and mystique. There were countless important, though often humdrum, instances of discovery and advancement as well as common life being birthed or perishing. Further at the periphery were the lives of the staff and charges who put in their time without dramatic effect. They shouldn't be forgotten either.

Toledo Blade, June 2, 1943
Ruth Estelle Lowry was a technician at Seymour Hospital, Eloise before her marriage to John E. Harroun in 1943 whereby she moved to Chicago in deference to her husband's career path.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, January 11, 1996
Lulu Magdaline Sarna was a nurse at Wayne County General Hospital. Her name never came up in general searches for the hospital name but when I did one for murderer Lulu Turbenning, Mrs. Sarna's obituary came up. Which may be an uninteresting tidbit to some but it's still minutia in the annals of Eloise's history.

If I didn't have a double fill-time schedule I'd research even the smaller details to the nth degree. Alas- I don't. But for research sake Mrs. Sarna was born in Frankfort, Kenticky on December 28, 1910 and died January 9, 1996 in Bradenton, Florida.

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